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The whales continue to be amazing – September 11, 2018

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Good evening everyone, Danielle here from Quoddy Link Marine on a very rainy and windy day here in St. Andrews.  I am so sorry for the lack up updates here, things have been very busy (and some computer issues) but as always please check out our Facebook Page for the latest sightings and pictures.

The past month has been filled with humpbacks off the Wolves, as long as the weather is appropriate to get out there we have had some incredible trips!

humpback lunge feeding off South Wolf

humpback named Blanco

humpback lunge feeding

humpback named Ridgeline breached over and over

This is the 2017 calf of Bungee breaching

Willow, a humpback, pooping!


humpbacks – Ridgeline (l) and Chevron (r)

Sedge checking out the Quoddy Link

Meet the 2016 calf of Ravine

We have had 2 north Atlantic right whale sightings off the Wolves as well, both males.  What a privilege to spend time with these critically endangered whales.

August 16 – Eg#3105

September 1 – Eg#3301 Neptune

We can’t forget about the minke whales!

minke whale – check out the white bands on the pectoral flippers affectionately referred to as “minke mittens”

Thanks for check in with us and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for daily updates

We will be on the water until at least mid-October – come and join us on the catamaran and experience the Bay of Fundy with us!



August has been AWESOME – August 12, 2018

Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here.  Sorry for the lack of posts here (as always please feel free to check out our facebook page for updates on our sightings daily) but we have been SO very busy and the whales have been simply amazing! I have been working with the company for 17 seasons and I have never seen humpback and finback whales like we have this year.  Everyday that the weather allows us to travel out into the open Bay of Fundy we are seeing many humpbacks, often seeing surface behaviours such as breaching, flipper slapping and lobtailing.  As well, we are seeing lots of feeding including bubble feeding, lunge feeding and even kick feeding!

Here are some images from August so far

humpback, Whistler

double pec slapping

Mola mola

tail breach

humpback, Cork. She’s my girl!! Have spent time with her every year since 2004

humpback, Slumber


humpback, Salamander, pec slapping

Thanks for checking in,


Danielle and Quoddy Link Crew

Humpbacks are here feeding – July 25, 2018

Good evening everyone,

The past 5 days have been pretty incredible with whale sightings.  We have been watching humpback whales offshore on every trip and then yesterday a few humpbacks showed up inshore and today even more.  This season continues to surprise us!  We have no idea how long these humpbacks will be here in numbers like this, as long as the food lasts is our best guess!  Here are a few pics from the past few days, and don’t forget to check out our facebook page for lots more pics and daily updates,



pair of humpbacks off Head Harbour Passage

Atlantic white-sided dolphins

Rooftop tail lobbing

Lacuna, a humpback whale who was severely entangled a few years ago

lunge feeding humpbacks

northern fulmar

Pylon breaching

Beautiful weather and whales – July 10-15, 2018

Hello everyone, wee have been having some lovely weather here in St. Andrews and the whale watching has continued to be fantastic with finback and minke whales.  There are more and more porpoise around, we are seeing more krill (food for whales and other wildlife) in the water and detecting more fish in the traditional feeding grounds.  The young birds are growing quickly and the seals are as curious as ever.

Here are some images from the past few days

Finback whale Taken from the Fundy Odyssey

Watching seals from the Fundy Odyssey

Finback whale and an aquaculture boat

Finback whale

minke whale, Breadknife

Finback whale

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

blow of a finback Taken from the Fundy Odyssey

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

Thank You for checking in and remember to check out our facebook page for the most up to date sightings and lots of great whale info.

For information on reservations please give the office a call at 1-877-688-2600 or email Abby or Lisa at



Wonderful minke sightings – July 8-9, 2018

Good evening everyone, we have been having wonderful and consistent minke whale sightings on each and every departure and we are just starting to see finback whales in our area, hopefully they will feed more consistently over the next week or so.

Here are the sighting reports for the past few days.

Thank You to Tessa for the sightings on July 8

“10:00AM: A beautiful morning! Flat waters and sunny skies! Our tour started with some bald eagles flying along the islands and vocalizing, an awesome sound! We had a great look at some harbour and grey seals and then made our way to Whitehorse where we took a peek at the black-legged kittiwake colony! We had a puffin off the bow of our boat, a great look! We then stopped in Head Harbour to get a peek at Breadknife, a minke whale and he decided to swim quite close to us once, sealing the deal on an awesome morning!

1:30PM: The wind picked up a bit, but was still a bright day with warm weather! We made our way along and stopped at our favourite shore for some seal peeks and there were so many fuzzy faces looking back at us! We then headed right to Head Harbour where we watched two minke whales…on our way back to Whitehorse Island, a FIN WHALE came to the surface with a powerful blow! We had some fantastic looks at this massive mammal, and then headed home safe and sound to St. Andrews!”

And here are the sightings for July 9 and some pics too

10am: This morning we headed out through Little Letete Passage and stopped right away with seals at Black Ledge. Next we slowly made our way over towards Whitehorse to check out the nesting seabirds, the gull chicks are definitely getting bigger. After we headed towards the mouth of Head Harbour Passage where we spent time with three minke whales including Breadknife.

1:30pm: This afternoon the SW winds continued but it was calm and warmer in the Islands where we spent time with three minke whales including Slice! We also stopped with seals on the ledges off Casco and saw many porpoise in the Passage.

Minke, Breadknife

minke off Head Harbour Light

minke off Spruce Island

Slice off Head Harbour Light

Thank You to everyone who came aboard the catamaran the past few days and thank you for checking in to our updates,



First Fin Whales of the 2018 Season

Good evening everyone, some exciting news, we had our first finback whales of the 2018 season on our afternoon departure today, July 7th!  We had to stretch our sea legs, travelling about 20 miles from St. Andrews to the tide rip off Long Eddy but we found 4 fin whales and at least 6 minkes in the area.  A huge thank you to our friends at Fundy Tide Runners for the help!

blow of a finback

fin whale



Thank You to everyone who joined us today!

Check back often for all of our sightings and call 1-877-688-2600 for reservations and information,



Sightings Updates – June 28 – July 6, 2018

Good evening everyone!  We have been having some wonderful trips with minke whales in the Islands.  It’s been great to see some returning familiar minke whales like Breadknife and Slice as well.

There have been a lot of seals around, both harbour and grey as well as harbour porpoise.

The nesting gull colony on Whitehorse Island is doing great and there are a few bald eagle nests with young that are growing up so quick!

Here are a few images from the past few weeks

harbour seals

bald eagle enjoying breakfast







harbour seals

Thank You to everyone who has joined us!

And thank you for all of the support on our fundraising trip on Canada Day for the St. Andrews Open Door Program, we raised over $800!

Remember for the most recent sightings check out our facebook page,



Wednesday June 27, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
THANK YOU to Rika for the updates today!!
“Today we had a charter group in the morning that we took out. We stopped at Black Ledge and looked at 4 grey seals then quickly picked up a minke just between Hardwood and Adam Islands. The minke gave us a few good looks before it started doing longer dives. We moved off to look at Whitehorse Island where we could see a few gull chicks on the rocks. The black-legged kittiwakes were mostly on their nests today. We picked up another minke off Campobello and stayed with it for a bit but it started doing longer dives the closer we got to slack tide. We did pick up a couple of harbour porpoises in Head Harbour Passage then looked at a bald eagle on Spruce Island before heading home.

This afternoon we picked up porpoises while still in Passamaquoddy Bay and stopped to see seals on the way out. There was one seal on the ledge but there were several more in the surrounding water. We started out slowly to see if we could find a minke in the area and we found one off White Island. It wasn’t very easy to watch and as the boat traffic increased we moved on to take a look in Head Harbour Passage. We found another minke but he was also difficult to watch, sometimes whales are just much more interested in searching for food than anything else. We did catch up with another pod of porpoises and got some nice looks. Before heading back, we stopped and looked at a bald eagle and stopped again with the seals as the tide had begun to ebb and more shoals were exposed for the seals to haul out. ”

Thanks again to Rika for the updates, I will be back on the water soon myself and I can’t wait to get out there!

Sunday June 24, 2018

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Thank You to Rika for todays update
“For today’s trip we stopped to look at harbour and grey seals on our way out. Then we moved off to see White Horse island where we could see many gull chicks standing around on the island. The black-legged kittiwake colony was still there although it looks like fewer were actually sitting on nests. The numerous others were kinda hanging around the water’s edge. From there we made our way slowly over to East Quoddy Lighthouse and picked up a small minke just off Sandy Island. We followed it back over to Campobello and at one point it swam very close in front of us and gave the guests a wonderful view of its outline. We could see its mittens and the size of the tail with exceptional clarity. Amazing. After that it started getting harder to watch (so it’s time to let the whale be alone, it’s all about respect) so we moved over off Simpson to view a larger minke. We finished the trip with several great views of the whale moving slowly along with us off our port side and headed back in to St. Andrews. We hope all of our passengers had a really great time!”

Eaglets on Campobello

Harbour Porpoise

minke whale

minke whale