Hello everyone, we are back at it, taking passengers out on the Quoddy Link, a power catamaran, in the Bay of Fundy to search for whales and wildlife.  This is our 30th season! 

The season has started off wonderfully with minke whales sighted on almost every trip, the number of harbour porpoise is increasing everyday, lots of harbour and grey seals and the bird numbers have been great with lots of razorbills and murres, black guillemots and Bonaparte’s gulls.  There is even an young eaglet in a nest we are watching daily, they are not flying yet and mom or dad is never far from the nest.

minke – image by DDion

minke – image by DDion

eider mother and chick – image by DDion

a lobster fisher showing their catch to our passengers – image by DDion

young eaglet on the nest – image by DDion

Yesterday, June 25, we had our first humpback sighting of the 2024 season.  It’s very early to see humpbacks in our part of the Bay of Fundy so this was quite the unexpected surprise.  It’s a young whale and not yet matched in the Gulf of Maine catalogue.  Thank You to the humpback research team at the Center for Coastal Studies for the hard work they do IDing and cataloguing the humpbacks in the Gulf of Maine.

our first humpback of the 2024 season – image by DDion

We are running daily trips at 1:30pm and starting July 1st we will also be offering a morning departure at 10am.  You can book online on this website or call the office at 1-877-688-2600.  For daily updates on our sightings please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊