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Bay of Fundy Whale and Wildlife Cruises

Our 27th Season!

St. Andrews' best opportunity for whales and wildlife - its all about capability!

The size of our vessel, its ability to go further faster and trip flexibility provide you with greater odds of success!

A Bay of Fundy Recommended Whale and Wildlife Cruise


Departing from historic St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada our Bay of Fundy whale and wildlife cruises provide the opportunity to experience whales and so much more!

Come cruise the Fundy Isles and experience her rugged seascapes, abundant lighthouses and powerful tides

Observe whales, seals, porpoise, bald eagles, and a variety of seabirds from the decks of our spacious modern power catamaran. Get up close and personal with a variety of undersea life with our onboard touch tank.

Our first class educational interpretation and limited passenger capacity ensures an experience like no other.

Using modern passenger vessel design and sufficient cruise duration, our family business delivers environmentally conscience expeditions designed with the opportunity to see, learn, and experience more!

Be whale wise. Range matters!

There are no guarantees when it comes to whale watching, but you can put the odds in your favour by choosing a cruise that can spend more time in whale feeding areas and less time in transit. A boat that goes 10 mph, can go 30 miles in 3 hours. A boat that can go 20 mph can go 60 miles in 3 hours. Those 30 extra miles can mean the difference between whales and no whales or the type of whales you experience.

Join us Aboard the Catamaran M/V Quoddy Link

St. Andrews’ Largest, Most Spacious Whale Watching Vessel

Minkes and Sunshine – July 24, 2021

Good evening everyone, we had a beautiful day on the water today spending time with minkes, including Breadknife and Slice,  We saw lots of harbour porpoise in Head Harbour Passage and we are still seeing rafts of razorbills in the passage too.  This morning we took...

Minkes and clear skies – July 23, 2021

SIGHTINGS UPDATE Friday July 23, 2021 10am: This morning we headed out into flat calm seas and clear skies. We stopped with seals at Black Ledge then took a run over towards Bliss Island to have a look around. With no signs of whales we headed over to Head Harbour...

Some fog, minkes and finback sightings – July 22, 2021

Good evening everyone, This past week has been filled with some wonderful whale sightings including a breaching minke and finback sightings, lots of seals and seabirds, a basking shark and wonderful passengers. I wanted to share some images from the past week If you...

Some marvellous minke whale trips on Fundy – July 16, 2021

Hello everyone, here are some sightings from the past few days, SIGHTINGS UPDATE Thursday July 15, 2021 10am: It was a very foggy trip this morning but we started with some seals and then picked up at least 2 minke whales. We had some good looks but always a little...

Many minkes – July 14, 2021

SIGHTINGS UPDATE Wednesday July 14, 2021 10am: This morning we headed out into breezy but sunny conditions. We spent time with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge then moved out to see what whales the morning would bring. Claire quickly spotted a minke whale that...

Minkes and calm weather – July 13, 2021

Good evening all, here are our sightings from the past 2 days, thank you to Claire for sharing SIGHTINGS UPDATE Monday July 12, 2021 10am: This morning we hung out with a very active minke whale. It was coming out fast and high so it was a lot of fun to watch! We...

Calm waters and minkes – July 11, 2021

Good evening all, thanks for checking in today, here is what we saw from the Quoddy today, SIGHTINGS UPDATE Sunday July 11, 2021 10am: This morning came with flat calm waters and great visibility. We headed out and stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge...

Finback and minke – July 8, 2021

SIGHTINGS UPDATE Thursday July 8, 2021 10am: This morning started out sunny with low winds. We took a small group of excited passengers out on the water and stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. We also saw guillemots in the same area. We quickly located...

Sunny skies and minkes – July 7, 2021

SIGHTINGS AND UPDATES Wednesday July 7, 2021 10am: This morning was very sunny. We stopped at Black Ledge to look at harbour and grey seals on our way out. There was also a bald eagle adult on the marker at Black Ledge. We headed over to view Head Harbour Lighthouse...

Fog and minkes – July 6, 2021

SIGHTINGS UPDATE Tuesday July 6, 2021 10am: This morning we headed out into the fog and were able to find a minke whale in the Old Sow (the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western hemisphere, it's off the southern tip of Deer Island). We had lots of good looks at the...