Friday July 8, 2020
10am: We were not sure what to expect with the weather but we headed out, knowing we would have a little wind and sea condition to deal with. We made our way immediately off Head Harbour Light as we had word that there was a large finback there. We arrived and got a quick look before the whale dove deep and quickly saw more blows a few miles off the Light (alerted by a captain from another boat, we all work great together). The seas were rougher further out but the Quoddy Link is very stable and our passengers were eager so out we went. We quickly picked up the whales as they were not diving deep and it was 3 finback whales traveling together. The whales never did a terminal dive so we got some great looks and we did our best to document their dorsal fins (one way we ID individual finbacks). After a while Captain Matt took us inside the protection of Head Harbour Passage where we saw harbour porpoise, a minke, grey seals and eagles all before making our way back to St. Andrews. What a GREAT morning!!
1:30pm: This afternoon we knew the water would be choppy with the change in tide but it wasn’t too bad. We stopped first with harbour seals off Mohawk Island then made our way to Head Harbour Passage where I spotted a faint blow and we quickly picked up a minke, then a second minke, then we saw a finback blow, all in the same area! We got some great looks at both the finback and minke, grey seals at Black Rock and harbour porpoise, all in Head Harbour Passage. We made our way towards Eastport, ME and took Western Passage home so we could experience the Old Sow and keep the wind on our stern. Another great whale watching trip out of St. Andrews on the catamaran.

watching grey seals on Black Rock

Finback off Head Harbour Light

2 of the 3 fin whales from this morning

Thank You to everyone who joined us today, thank you for being hearty and holding on when Dani and I asked.
We are all full for tomorrow for all departures and on Sunday we only have room on our 10am departure.
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊