Sunday August 8, 2021
10am: This morning we had word of a humpback sighting off Eastern Wolf so with good weather we headed offshore to see if we could pick the whale back up. We searched around the Wolves but didn’t have any luck (but we tried) so we made our way back inshore towards the mouth of Head Harbour Passage where we knew there were minke whales (we also knew there would be boat traffic on a Sunday so we were trying to avoid that as well by going offshore). We got great looks at a minke as it swam along Head Harbour Island. We saw lots of porpoise on our run as well as rafts and rafts of shearwaters. We also saw harbour and grey seals at Black Ledge. Then it was time to head back to hot and humid St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon saw us stopping with a minke whale just as we left Passamquoddy Bay. We got great looks at the minke then stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. We moved out a bit further and found Slice, another minke whale! We got to see harbour porpoise, bald eagles on Whitehorse Island, and the lighthouse on Campobello. What a wonderful afternoon on the water!
5pm: This evening felt like it had a little magic. The golden lighting was simply stunning. We started with seals at Black Ledge then made our way towards White Island where we found Slice, a favourite minke whale among locals. We got some great looks then made our way over towards Head Harbour where we found so many feeding porpoise and many large feeding bird groups that included gulls, great shearwaters, greater black backs, razorbills and murres. One group we were clearly able to see a large bait ball (ball of herring) that the birds and porpoise were feeding on. Next we moved up towards the Quoddy River where we spent time with another minke before making our way back to St. Andrews for the evening.

harbour and grey seals

minke whale, Slice, a local favourite

Whitehorse Island

herring and great black bull gulls

Head Harbour Light, or East Quoddy Head Light at the northern end of Campobello Island, NB

Thanks for checking in today and thank you to our passengers who joined us on the Quoddy Link,
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