Hello everyone, we have had a great few days on the Bay of Fundy, here are our updates

Thursday July 29, 2021
10am: This morning was something special and emotional. We started our trip with seals and eagles at Black Ledge and then we found 2 minkes close to The Nubble. After some great looks we decided to search further offshore and we made our way into the Grand Manan Chanel. We were not seeing any whales but we got a call from fellow whale watcher that they had a few whales on the Wolves Bank so we headed out. When we arrived we found a finback and a humpback who I was very quickly able to ID as Sedge…and I got word just yesterday that Sedge was entangled so we immediately contacted the Campobello Whale Rescue Team and went into action photographing the whale as much as possible. It is a monofilament entanglement and not easily seen but we did our best and most importantly we stood by Sedge and stayed there until the Campobello Whale Rescue Team arrived. We were late arriving back to St. Andrews but all of our passengers were so supportive. THANK YOU to everyone who joined us this morning and I will keep you posted as I hear more about Sedge from the CWRT.
You can support the Campobello Whale Rescue Team through the Canadian Whale Institute.
On Thursday July 29 we encountered Sedge, an adult humpback on the Wolves Bank and we knew they were entangled (thank you to the CWI and the CWRT for the heads up). We immediately contacted the Campobello Whale Rescue Team and they were on the water and able to make to us in about 30 minutes. The CWRT did not see any line, but monofilament can be much more difficult to see, but they did try to use their pole knife and grapple in the water close to Sedge and they did feel some strong resistance with the grapple and then a release. After very carefully looking over our images and their images and with the help from CCS in MA (who have a lot more experience in monofilament entanglement) it was confirmed that the line we thought we were all seeing is actually a scratch. The entire network will be closely looking for Sedge and I will continue to share any updates.
Thank You for all of your support and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me
1:30pm and 5pm: This afternoon and evening we spent time in the Islands with minkes and so many harbour porpoise. The wind was a little strong to be heading back offshore. We spent time with seals and bald eagles and lots of beautiful scenery in the Islands.




Friday July 30, 2021
10am, 1:30pm & 5pm: Our weather was such a mix from sloppy seas and SE winds in the morning, some rain in the afternoon and calm seas and sun in the evening until we returned to St. Andrews for the night when the rain started again. We spent time on all three trips with many minke whales off and in Head Harbour Passage, we also had 2 minke whales off Greens Point Light in the afternoon. We also saw both harbour and grey seals, lots of razorbills and Bonaparte’s gulls, bald eagles and so many harbour porpoise.


bald eagle


Thank You to everyone who joined us today aboard the catamaran,
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