Good evening everyone, we had a beautiful day on the water today spending time with minkes, including Breadknife and Slice,  We saw lots of harbour porpoise in Head Harbour Passage and we are still seeing rafts of razorbills in the passage too.  This morning we took advantage of the calm seas and took a run over towards Blacks Harbour to check the Bliss Island shoreline, this is an area where the larger whales often show up first with consistency, but we didn’t have any luck but we will keep searching and I will keep you posted on our sightings.

I have attached some photos below from our time on the water today

seals at low tide

adult bald eagle on the marker at Black Ledge

harbour porpoise, it’s not always easy trying to catch an image of one of these little ones

minke whale, you can see the minke mittens, the white bands on the pectoral flippers

minke whale off Casco Bay Island


kayaking off Casco Bay Island with Seascape Kayak Tours based on Deer Island, NB

the blow of a minke whale

a surfacing minke whale, they bring the entire rostrum out of the water when they surface, very different from other species of whales

minke whale known as Breadknife 

Head Harbour Light at the northern end of Campobello Island

the harbour of St. Andrews

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