Friday July 23, 2021
10am: This morning we headed out into flat calm seas and clear skies. We stopped with seals at Black Ledge then took a run over towards Bliss Island to have a look around. With no signs of whales we headed over to Head Harbour Passage past Head Harbour Light and spent time with a very co-operative minke whale. We got some great looks and also saw lots of porpoise, many rafts of razorbills, lots of Bonaparte’s gulls and terns before making out way back to port.
1:30pm: This afternoon we headed towards Head Harbour but made some time to stop with harbour and grey seals at Black Ledge. Off Casco Bay Island we found 2 minkes who were feeding quite close together in the tide off Casco. With some boat traffic in the area we moved over closer to Campobello where we quickly spotted Slice, a favourite minke, and we followed them down the shoreline of Campobello right off Head Harbour Light. We got some wonderful looks at Slice as they travelled slowly out of the passage. We saw lots of porpoise as well and head back to St. Andrews under sunny skies.
5pm: This evening started out with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge then we headed out to look for whales. We looked very hard but were unable to locate a whale. We saw bald eagles, porpoise, razorbills, Bonaparte gulls, guillemots and cormorants. Then it was time to head back to St. Andrews before the thunderstorm hit (we made it back with a few minutes to spare).
Thank You to Rika for the update this evening




grey seal

herring weir

minke whale, Slice, off Head Harbour Light

Thanks to all of our passengers for joining us today,
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