Saturday September 12, 2020

10am: This morning we quickly picked up Chevron, a humpback whale. Chevron seemed very relaxed and only fluked up a couple of times. We also spent time with 2 minke whales, harbour porpoise, and seals. There were large rafts of razorbills around too!

1:30 pm: This afternoon we stopped with seals at Black Ledge and picked up a minke whale in Head Harbour Passage. We got some brief looks at a humpback, Chevron but there were too many boats around so we headed out. We also had excellent looks at harbour porpoise and we picked up a second minke whale before making our way back to St Andrews.

5pm: This evening they spent time with Chevron, a humpback in Head Harbour Passage. They also saw a minke whale, harbour porpoise, seals and Head Harbour Light at the Northern end of Campobello before it was time to head back to St. Andrews.

humpback – image by Rika

a beautiful young grey seal – image by Rika

Chevron, a humpback, fluking up in Head Harbour Passage – image by Rika

not a common sight, a humpback deep in Head Harbour – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika

beautiful evening light, so peaceful – image by Rika

Thank You to Rika for the updates!
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