Tuesday September 8, 2020
10am: This morning was foggy but we spent most of our trip offshore with Chevron, a humpback, who was quite active and breached for over 30 minutes. Humpbacks breach, and they do breach a lot but it’s so special to see surface active behaviour on a whale watch, we see it less than 10% of the time. Whales are NOT breaching for us, Chevron would be breaching if there was a boat there or not, it’s a natural behaviour and we don’t know for sure why they breach…maybe knocking external parasites off, maybe surface communication, maybe fun….and it’s OK that we don’t know! We made a quick stop with seals as well before we made our way back to St. Andrews.
2pm: This afternoon the fog persisted and we stayed inshore with minkes off Campobello, LOTS of porpoise and 5 eagles around Spruce Island.

Chevron was quite active – image by Rika

Chevron breaching – image by Rika

Chevron, a humpback, breaching – image by Rika

checking out Head Harbour Light from the lower deck of the Quoddy Link – image by Rika

minke whale and a bald eagle (on the reef) – image by Tracey


Thank You to Rika and Claire for the updates!
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