Wednesday September 2, 2020

10am: This morning started out with an usual sight, nature at her finest, a bald eagle consuming their breakfast…which was a dead fawn that had washed ashore at Pendleton’s. We then headed out through the passage started out checking a few different areas. We saw harbour seals, grey seals, and lots of harbour porpoise. We found 3 minke whales after quite a bit of searching. We had great looks at all three, including Slice, a local favourite! Head Harbour Passage was filled with feeding Bonaparte’s gulls and Arctic terns. We took scenic Western Passage, between Deer Island and the coast of Maine back to St Andrews!

1:30pm: Our afternoon trip started with views of harbour and gray seals off Black Ledge. From there, we checked out near Bliss Island with no luck so we headed towards Head Harbour. In the harbour, we got great looks at 2 minke whales, and lots of feeding porpoises. The trip was peppered with a variety of birds feeding in the harbour, including Northern gannets, sooty and great shearwaters, razorbills, and terns.

5pm: This evening was a reminder that wildlife is wild. With some patience we got some good look at a minke off the Nubble and we also checked out Head Harbour Light before heading home to St. Andrews.

sub adult bald eagle feeding on a dead fawn – image by Rika

grey and harbour seal – image by Rika

raft of eider ducks – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika

Slice, a favourite minke among local whale watchers – image by Rika

Thanks to Rika and Dani for sharing their updates, check back soon for more!
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