Friday August 21, 2020
10am: Our foggy and rainy morning started out with some views of gray and harbour seals at Black Ledge. We headed over to White Island, where we were greeted by Slice, a favourite minke. After spending some time with Slice we did a quick loop out to the Wolves and quickly returned to the Islands due to the fog. We picked up 2 minkes just off of Head Harbour Lighthouse, and got some good looks at some porpoise before we had to head back to St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon we had really good looks at 3 minkes, one of which was Slice! Lots of porpoise groups moving quickly and jumping out of the water. While we were watching the minkes, a weasel swam by the boat!!! You never know what you’ll see out here 🙂
5pm: This evening we headed back to Head Harbour Light where we picked up a minke whale with lots of feeding porpoise and birds. So many shearwaters around! While we were watching the minkes, a humpback whale showed up! It was very sleepy at first but as we watched we got to see her fluke up (and it’s Cork) and lots of pectoral slapping! Amazing to see !! We headed home after a stop to see the seals.

Terns feeding – image by Dani

bald eagles – image by Dani

harbour porpoise – image by Dani

Slice, a favourite minke whale – image by Dani

Cork – image by Tracey

Cork slapping her flipper – image by Tracey

great shearwater – image by Tracey

seals hauled way out at low tide

flock of Bonaparte’s gulls – image by Tracey

Thank You to Dani and Claire for the reports, check back tomorrow for more updates. THANK YOU to our passengers who joined us today! 
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