Sunday July 26, 2020

10am: This morning we headed out and stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. We checked out the gulls and their chicks on Whitehorse Island then headed off to look for whales. We got great looks at a slow moving minke whale and a fast moving fin whale. We also saw porpoise and bald eagles before we headed back to St Andrews.

1:30pm: This afternoon we had a special chartered group. We stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge and quickly picked up a minke and a fin whale. We got great looks at both. We took a look at Whitehorse Island and then checked out Head Harbour Lighthouse before returning our passengers to St Andrews.

5pm: This evening we spent most of the trip following along with a slow moving fin whale. We got many great looks. We also checked out the nesting seabirds on Whitehorse Island, Head Harbour Lighthouse on the northern end of Campobello, and seals on Black Ledge. And to finish it off we had a great look at a pair of bald eagles.

grey seals and a harbour seal pup

finback whale

adult eagle on a navigational marker at low tide

seals hauled out at low tide

Fata Morgana. This is the Grand Manan ferry and what you are seeing is a type of mirage, Fata Morgana, caused by a layer of hot air on top of substantially colder, more dense air.

checking out the seals

The beautiful scenery in the West Isles

THANK YOU to Rika for the updates and the wonderful images and thanks to all of our passengers who joined us today,

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊