Monday July 6, 2020

10am: Today’s morning trip started with some seals on Black Ledge and then we headed to Whitehorse to have a look at the nesting birds and found some kittiwakes sitting on their nests. We then picked up two minke whales off East Quoddy Head and lots of porpoise around the area. One minke whale was our good friend Slice! We only saw Slice twice before she took off but wehad good sightings of the other minke whale. Before heading home we saw two bald eagles on Casco Bay Island.

1:30pm: This afternoon we watched a minke off Indian Island and around Chocolate Cove, a couple bald eagles and a juvenile in its nest. Saw some harbour seals on our way to look at the East Quoddy lighthouse. Finally we watched a lot of porpoise activity before going to Whitehorse to see the birds and then headed home.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Claire for todays reports! THANK YOU CLAIRE.

Thanks for checking in today,
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊