Good evening everyone, September just seems to be flying by and the whale watching continues to be wonderful.  We have been spending all of our time closer to St. Andrews (we have done some searches offshore and so have our friends at Fundy Tide Runners but since Hurricane Dorian came through it’s quite bare out there) watching minkes, finbacks, humpbacks and we are still have some sightings of North Atlantic right whales.  Every trip is different and we do not always see all 4 species on every trip but we always get some great sightings!  There are lots of porpoise still around and the bald eagle sightings have been incredible.

Here are some pictures from the past week.

North Atlantic right whale off East Quoddy Head Light, Campobello Island

North Atlantic right whale

Distinctive V-shaped blow from a North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale, Eg#3991

Ocean sunfish (Mola mola)

minke whale, Slice

Cork, humpback whale off Bliss Island Light

pair of humpbacks

Lions mane jellyfish

pair of humpbacks in a large rockweed patch

pair of fin whales

Cork off Back Bay

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