Good evening everyone, today was a great start to the long weekend!

Friday August 30, 2019

10am: This morning we started with a pair of finbacks off Bliss Island. We got some great looks at the largest whales in Fundy as they charged around feeding on herring. We left the pair and headed offshore in search of humpbacks. We got word of whales off South Wolf and when we arrived we found Scarp who was very sleepy so we didn’t spend much time with him and we headed further out towards the Bank where we did pick up 2 humpbacks; Motley and Chevron. We got some great looks at Motley and we could easily see the long white pectoral flippers through the surface of the calm waters. Then it was time for us to make our run back to St. Andrews.

1:30pm: This afternoon we headed right off towards Eastern Wolf with word of some whales and when we got there (just in time as the fog decided to shut right in offshore) we found humpback, Scarp. Scarp was much more active this afternoon on the ebb tide bubble cloud feeding on herring or krill. We would see the clouds of bubble come to the surface and sometimes Scarp would lunge right of through the bubbles, allowing us to see the ventral pleats extended. Humpbacks will use the bubble to confuse the prey, causing them to school tightly and the whale can lunge through the middle taking all of the fish/krill. We stopped with seals at Black Ledge on our way back to St. Andrews.

fin whale

humpback – Motley

humpback – Motley – note the long white pectoral flippers

humpback – Motley

humpback – Scarp

humpback – Scarp – bubble feeding

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