Good evening everyone, so sorry for the lack of posts over the past week.  This is our busiest time of season and if you are thinking about joining us I strongly recommend reservations at least 3 days in advance.

The amazing whale sightings have continued!  We have been seeing a good number of finback whales feeding daily off Bliss Island. It’s incredible to see 4 large fins charging side-by-side in a tight circle as they are feeding!

And when we are able to get offshore the humpback sightings continue to be incredible.  Some highlights have included:
– Tornado and her 2019 calf, the young humpback calf has been quite active and we have seen lots of breaches and flipper slapping
– On 2 trips we have had large groups of humpbacks (8-9 whales) all feeding together and all fluking.  At one point we even had 5 flukes at the same time!
– On the evening of August 20th we had our first sighting of Atlantic white-sided dolphins for the 2019 season.

Here are some images from the past few days

Bungee – humpback

Tornado and her 2019 calf – humpbacks

Tusk – humpback

the 2019 calf of Tornado breaching rather close to the boat, I was zoomed out as far as I could…

fin whales, note that one has an injury to the dorsal

2019 calf of Tornado – image by Rika

Atlantic puffin

Palmer-Crary – humpback

Tornado and her 2019 calf

2019 calf of Tornado – humpback

Churn – humpback

Tornado and her 2019 calf – humpbacks



Lascaux – humpback

Thanks for checking in, as always check in on Facebook for daily updates, pictures and lots of whale information,

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