Good evening again everyone, here is another update from us at Quoddy Link Marine

Wednesday August 14, 2019

8am: This morning we had a charter trip with an American motor coach company that started with a 2 hour nature cruise. We stopped with seals at Black Ledge and saw an eagle on the Spectacles. We must have had at least 6 minkes (and LOTS of porpoise) on our way from Race Rock to Head Harbour Light down to Eastport, ME. Our passengers visited the Roosevelt Cottage then we made our way home through Western Passage.

1:30pm: This afternoon we headed right offshore and we found ourselves with at least 6 humpbacks (and another 2-4 in the area with word of more closer to Grand Manan). I was able to ID Tornado and her 2019 calf, Solas, Prongs, Breakers and a new whale to us, Pluma! The whales were in constantly changing groups, sometimes pairs, then at one point we had 5 all side by side. We got some great looks at the humpbacks before it was time to head back to St. Andrews.

Pluma, a new humpback for us at Quoddy Link Marine

Tornado and her 2019 calf

Tornado and her 2019 calf

Tornado and her 2019 calf

5pm: They had another great evening offshore with humpbacks (passing a minke and a fin to get there). They started with Tornado and her 2019 calf who were with Breakers. The calf was pec slapping and tail breached. They also had three other humpbacks including Prongs. There were also lots of seals on the Bank and they saw lots of porpoise on the way out. THANK YOU to Rika for keeping us updated.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us today,
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