We had another great day on the Bay of Fundy, here are our sightings for August 7, 2019

Wednesday August 7, 2019

10am: This morning we headed directly offshore towards the Wolves Bank and quickly picked up 3 humpbacks traveling together who turned out to be Littlespot, Pylon and Photon (Photon is a new whale for us at Quoddy Link). There were also 4-5 single humpbacks spread out over a 1 miles radius and I was able to ID Ridgeline and Bowline. There were lots of porpoise, seals and great shearwaters out on the Bank as well. A great morning!

humpback – Photon

trio of humpbacks

humpback – Pylon

humpback snaking

humpback – Littlespot

humpbacks – Pylon & Photon

1:30pm: This afternoon they again headed back out to the Bank and found 7 humpbacks in 2 groups of 2 and a trio. Rika and Claire were able to ID Ridgeline, Bowline, Littlespot and Photon. THANK YOU to both of them for the updates!

2pm: This afternoon I had a small charter on the Fundy Odyssey taking some people visiting from coast to coast to coast of Canada (and one from the US) to visit an aquaculture site (to see salmon farming close up) and then drop them off on Deer Island so they could visit Paturel (lobster processing). But before we dropped them off we wanted to give them a little taste of the wildlife so we checked out the harbour and grey seals at Black Ledge and had a finback whale and a minke whale not far off Bliss…and THEN we made our way to Deer Island!

5pm: We have our annual charter tonight with McPort City and with some fog offshore we stayed inside and got some great looks at a fin whale off Barnes, we had a few skittish minkes in Head Harbour Passage and three bald eagles.

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