Good evening everyone, just wanted to share our sightings for today, we had another great day offshore with humpbacks and I documented 2 new humpbacks for our 2019 season; Bowline and Triton.

Sunday August 4, 2019

10am: This morning with calm seas and unlimited visibility we headed directly offshore towards the Wolves Bank and we found 5-6 humpbacks and a fin whale. I was able to ID the humpbacks as Blanco, Breakers, Motley, Willow and Bowline (a new humpback for us!). We also had lots of seals offshore and plenty of harbour porpoise too! It was a great morning on the Bay.

1:30pm: This afternoon we headed right back offshore and quickly found at least 6 humpbacks. I was able to ID Bowline, Breakers, Motley, Willow, the young unknown we had yesterday and Triton (our first sighting of Triton for 2019!). There were lots of porpoise around too and seals as well. On the way home we ran through the Islands and got some great views of bald eagles and some beautiful scenery on the way back to St. Andrews.

5pm: They are offshore this evening again with humpbacks.  Sounds like they are having a great trip with at least 5 humpbacks.

Breakers – humpback



Triton, the marks on Tritons tail are all from an orca attack

bald eagle


Thanks for checking in today!
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