Here are the sightings for today, another amazingly calm day on Fundy

Thursday July 25, 2019
10am and 1:30pm: Like yesterday I am going to combine our morning and afternoon departures in the same post…I hope you all don’t mind! On both departures John decided to take us immediately offshore despite knowing there were whales closer to home…we always do our best when possible to avoid boat traffic, it’s better for viewing but more importantly it’s much better for the whales! On both departures we found a trio of finback whales traveling, feeding and socializing quite closely together. There were also around 4 minkes in the area and so many harbour porpoise! For the bird lovers there were large rafts of great shearwaters and many northern gannets flying high overhead. On our afternoon trip we also had some blue fin tuna cruising just below the surface creating a sweet V-shaped wake.
5pm: Sounds like they are having a great evening inshore with 2 feeding fin whales, at least 4 minkes, tonnes of harbour and grey seals and again, amazing porpoise sightings! THANK YOU Dani

fin whale and great shearwaters

pair of fin whales

fin whale and a porpoise

pair of fin whales

finback whale

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this beautiful day on Fundy!
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