Good evening everyone, we had some classic Fundy Fog to deal with today but we managed to have a great day on the water.  Today was also the start of our evening trips, so leave daily at 10am, 1:30pm and 5pm.

Saturday July 13, 2019

10am: This morning we had fog, thick Bay of Fundy Fog! But we didn’t let that stop us, with flat calm seas and the start of the ebb tide we headed out and very quickly picked up a large finback whale in the tide off Head Harbour Light! We got some wonderful looks, always hearing the whale first…hearing the exhale of a whale is all part of the experience, make sure you are not watching whales though a window, make sure you can listen and smell! There were also 2 minkes in the area including Slice. We made our way up to Casco Bay Island to check out the seals and before we went home we spent time with another minke and got some amazing views!

1:30pm: This afternoon the fog had shifted, lifting in many areas but coming back fierce in others. We picked up a minke off White Island and this whale was so easy to watch and we were able to get some wonderful looks. We headed over to Head Harbour Passage and there were 2 minkes in the area but they were moving around a lot. We checked out the lighthouse and made our way to Casco to check out the seals. We stopped at White Island again to check out the same minke we started our trip with and again got some great looks!

5pm: Update from Captain John and it sounds like everyone is having a great time out on the Bay.  They are spending time with multiple minke whales (up to 6 so far) and the fog has lifted nicely.

minke whale, check out the white bands on the pecs affectionately known as “minke mittens”

harbour seals

harbour seals

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