What a great day we had on the water yesterday, including a special sighting in the afternoon of a mother and calf finback whale pair

Tuesday July 9, 2019

9am: This morning we had a group down from Saint John from a cruise ship. We began off Black Ledge looking at both harbour and grey seals before moving on to Whitehorse to check out the nesting seabirds and the new kittiwake chicks. We quickly picked up a minke but as we were waiting for the minke we spotted a large finback not far away. We got some great looks at the fin before heading over to Head Harbour Passage to see East Quoddy Head Light and we found a pair a pair of adult bald eagles in the intertidal off Spruce, one of the adults was feasting on a crab. We made our way back to St. Andrews through the Islands, it was a wonderful morning.

nesting black-legged kittiwake and young chick

fin whale

1:30pm: This afternoon we stopped with seals at Black Ledge and headed over towards Whitehorse where we quickly picked up a minke that wasn’t being overly easy to watch. But our afternoon was about to get a surprise! We got a call from a former crew member who was on the Grand Manan ferry and he saw a pair of fin whales off the Wolves Bank. It was about 8 miles from where we were so we headed out. When we got there we didn’t find 2 fin whales but 3 including a mother and calf! We were able to get some great looks at the trio before we had to make our hour run back to St. Andrews! What a FINtastic trip!!

fin whales

trio of fin whales

fin whale mother and calf (the calf is in the back)

Thank You to our passengers who joined us aboard the catamaran,

Quoddy Link Marine
Whale Watching
St. Andrews,
New Brunswick

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