Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here.  Sorry for the lack of posts here (as always please feel free to check out our facebook page for updates on our sightings daily) but we have been SO very busy and the whales have been simply amazing! I have been working with the company for 17 seasons and I have never seen humpback and finback whales like we have this year.  Everyday that the weather allows us to travel out into the open Bay of Fundy we are seeing many humpbacks, often seeing surface behaviours such as breaching, flipper slapping and lobtailing.  As well, we are seeing lots of feeding including bubble feeding, lunge feeding and even kick feeding!

Here are some images from August so far

humpback, Whistler

double pec slapping

Mola mola

tail breach

humpback, Cork. She’s my girl!! Have spent time with her every year since 2004

humpback, Slumber


humpback, Salamander, pec slapping

Thanks for checking in,


Danielle and Quoddy Link Crew

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊