Good evening everyone, we have been having wonderful and consistent minke whale sightings on each and every departure and we are just starting to see finback whales in our area, hopefully they will feed more consistently over the next week or so.

Here are the sighting reports for the past few days.

Thank You to Tessa for the sightings on July 8

“10:00AM: A beautiful morning! Flat waters and sunny skies! Our tour started with some bald eagles flying along the islands and vocalizing, an awesome sound! We had a great look at some harbour and grey seals and then made our way to Whitehorse where we took a peek at the black-legged kittiwake colony! We had a puffin off the bow of our boat, a great look! We then stopped in Head Harbour to get a peek at Breadknife, a minke whale and he decided to swim quite close to us once, sealing the deal on an awesome morning!

1:30PM: The wind picked up a bit, but was still a bright day with warm weather! We made our way along and stopped at our favourite shore for some seal peeks and there were so many fuzzy faces looking back at us! We then headed right to Head Harbour where we watched two minke whales…on our way back to Whitehorse Island, a FIN WHALE came to the surface with a powerful blow! We had some fantastic looks at this massive mammal, and then headed home safe and sound to St. Andrews!”

And here are the sightings for July 9 and some pics too

10am: This morning we headed out through Little Letete Passage and stopped right away with seals at Black Ledge. Next we slowly made our way over towards Whitehorse to check out the nesting seabirds, the gull chicks are definitely getting bigger. After we headed towards the mouth of Head Harbour Passage where we spent time with three minke whales including Breadknife.

1:30pm: This afternoon the SW winds continued but it was calm and warmer in the Islands where we spent time with three minke whales including Slice! We also stopped with seals on the ledges off Casco and saw many porpoise in the Passage.

Minke, Breadknife

minke off Head Harbour Light

minke off Spruce Island

Slice off Head Harbour Light

Thank You to everyone who came aboard the catamaran the past few days and thank you for checking in to our updates,



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊