Hello all, it’s Danielle here to share another bird update thanks to Todd and some images from Jolinne!

We are now regularly heading out to Wolf Banks and sea-bird numbers continue to increase. Here are a few quick notes on some species of interest.

Wilson’s Storm Petrel are present in very good numbers. On one occasion, a very quick scan going half way around the boat produced over 500 individuals. Large groups of 50 or more are common. Yesterday, there was a group of 75 dancing next to the boat for an expended period.

Leach’s Storm Petrel are present. They are far outnumbered by Wilson’s and I don’t have time to sort these birds, so their numbers are unknown.

Northern Gannet are fairly numerous with sightings occurring from Green’s Point on out. If other sea-birds are around, some gannet are likely there as well.

Greater Shearwater are also regularly sighted from Bliss Island on out. Flocks size seems to max out around 100.

Sooty Shearwater are present, but not very common.

Red-necked Phalarope are also common sightings. At this point in time, groups containing 2 to 4 dozen individuals are common. Larger flock sizes were being observed earlier this year.

Terns and small gulls are numerous amongst the islands.

Alcid numbers have dropped off.

great shearwater

storm petrels

great shearwater

adult bald eagle

red-necked phalaropes

great shearwater

Bonaparte’s gull

immature northern gannet

feeding northern gannets

Arctic tern

female peregrine falcon

Bonaparte’s gulls

Thank you for checking in with us and THANK YOU to Todd for sharing your bird sightings!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊