Good evening all!  I’m back with another amazing update from the Quoddy Link thanks to Jolinne!

August 17, 2017
We were quite surprised that we were able to make our way to the Banks today… the forecast didn’t sounds so good but thankfully for once they were wrong in our favour.

The morning departure we didn’t fully make our way to the Bank because we found 2 fin whales and a humpback. So we stopped and turned around. The fin whales were never seen again, so we spent the morning with Puppet. This whale did some short dives and never moved from the boat. At then end we were able to watch Puppet play around with some rockweed!

The afternoon departure we went straight off to the Banks. There were 3-5 fin whales traveling around. We also spent time with 3 humpbacks; Puppet and Tusk was still traveling with Partition.

The evening they made their way to Southern Wolf and spent time with 2 humpbacks. They also had a fin whale in the distance.

Thanks to everyone that joined us today!




grey seal enjoying a snack


Puppet playing in some rockweed

Thank YOU for checking back in with us!!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊