Good evening everyone, it’s Danielle back with some more updates thanks to Jolinne!!

August 13th, 2017

The morning departure they made their way down to the Wolves Bank and was able to watch a mom and calf humpback whale and a fin whale.

The afternoon departure stayed in the Islands and watched a minke whale. They were also able to find two fin whales off of Bliss Island.

The evening departure they had six humpbacks and 3 fin whales off the Wolves Bank. Tusk (a humpback) was also out there doing his “Tusk Twist”!


August 14, 2017

I’m not even sure how to describe today’s trips…

The morning departure they had 4 fin whales and 5 humpbacks, which included Motley and her 2017 calf and Tusk.

The afternoon departure they had 6 humpbacks and 4 fin whales.

The evening departure, I was finally on the catamaran, we had 3 fin whales and at least 8 humpbacks!!! I was able to ID, Bungee and her 2017 Calf, Motley and her 2017 Calf, Chevron, Cork, Puppet, Tusk. It wasn’t calm out on the bank, but thankfully we didn’t really need to move around, these humpbacks were surfacing everywhere and multiples at the surface at once. I’d like to think we seen them all, but as much as they weren’t far, they were switching direction a lot. We pretty much seen it all tonight; the “Tusk Twist”, breaching, flipper slapping, tail slapping. We also had Motley’s calf for 15+ minutes, breaching, tail slapping and flipping slapping…. I’m going to leave it at that.

CORK!! My all-time favourite humpback. So happy she is back in Fundy!




Motley + 2017 calf

2017 calf of Motley

2017 calf of Motley



Tusk and Puppet

Always make the time to stop with seals (harbour seals)

Thanks to everyone that joined us on these departures!

Thanks for checking in with us here!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊