Good evening everyone, Danielle back with another update from the Quoddy Link thanks to Jolinne!

August 6th, 2017
The morning departure began with some foggy conditions, however, with the little bit of wind we did have it cleared up the area offshore. We made our way to the Wolves Bank to see if we could find a fin whale. We didn’t find a fin whale, but instead two minke whales which were almost traveling side by side. It’s not common to find two minke whales traveling together. We eventually left these two whales and returned inshore to see if there may be and fin whale off Bliss Island; which there was!

The afternoon departure we went straight to Eastern Wolf. There was a feeding fin whale in the area and we were able to get some great looks.

The evening departure we once again made our way towards Eastern Wolf, however before we got there, the fin whale we watched in the afternoon was slowly moving towards Blacks Harbour. We were able to stay with this whale for some time, as it was slowly traveling and not doing long dives.

Thanks to everyone that joined us today on these departures!

explosive blow from a finback

fin whale

finback whale

fin whale

fin whale

seals and a bald eagle

fin whale

harbour seals

fin whale

Thank You for checking in today!