Hello everyone!  It’s Danielle back to share some sighting from Jolinne (THANK YOU Jolinne!!)

“On the morning departure we started off with some seals that were on the exposed ledges. From there we continued on towards Southern Wolf where there were reports of a few species on whales. We spent some time with two large fin whales which were surfacing and traveling at high speeds. Earlier another tour boat had a North Atlantic right whale in the area but it hadn’t been spotted for some time, so we continued past Southern Wolf and in no time Mat, our captain, re-located the right! We stayed with this whale for some time as it was traveling very slowly near the surface. We were able to get some great looks at it as it never really dove. This is our first sighting of the season of a North Atlantic right whale, it’s incredibly special as there are only ~520 individuals in the world!  

Fin whale (Head Harbour Light in the background)

Fin whale off South Wolf

North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale

Our afternoon departure had to be cancelled due to engine issues (so sorry to everyone we disappointed!) but our evening departure was able to head out at 6pm (I have not heard back about the sightings).”

Thanks again to everyone that joined us today!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊