Good evening all!  I am back again with another update from Jolinne!

“This morning’s departure we went straight off to Southern Wolf, were there were reports of a few fin whales. Once we arrived the fin whales were no longer there, however we did spend time with a minke whale. We then made our way around to the backside of the Wolves to see what was back there. We then found another minke whale and while watching it one of the fin whales surfaced near the boat. We got great looks of both the minke and fin whale. To finish off the trip Fundy Tide Runners spotted a Mola mola (ocean sunfish) just behind the boat! This is the first one of the summer. Sightings of a sunfish are rare and a great treat, especially considering it stayed near the surface and swam around both boats!

The afternoon’s departure we made our way to Eastern Wolf. We quickly spotted a minke whale and then a fin whale. By the end of the trip there were three fin whales feeding in the area. They were spread out some, however there always seemed to be one near us.”

Finback whale

Common loon

Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) off the Quoddy

Finback whale

Ocean sunfish off the Quoddy Link

Fin whale, you can see the asymmetrical colouring in the lower jaw

Fin whale

Mola mola, ocean sunfish

Ocean sunfish

Fin whale

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us today!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊