Hello again!!  Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here to share some sightings brought to you from Jolinne until I am able to get back on the water.

“On this morning’s departure we potentially spent time with the most cooperative minke whale ever. This large minke whale was very slowly moving in single line, never really doing a terminal dive. While watching that individual there was lots of harbour porpoises all around and a 2nd individual was quickly seen. On our way home, we quickly stopped with a fin whale and there was a minke whale also feeding near the surface.

This afternoon we went out near Bliss Island to see if that fin whale was in the area. It wasn’t, however other boat let us know that it was heading our way. We waited around for it, it was doing very long dives (+15 minutes) and moving large distance. We did end up getting a good look at that fin whale before making our way to Head Harbour Passage to watch a minke whale.

On both departures we spent time with seals, harbour porpoises, stopped by White Horse Island to see the nesting black-legged kittiwakes (no chick were spotted, hoping that the rain we got yesterday didn’t get to them) and there is still a large number of razorbills in the area.”

Finback whale

minke whale

Seals at low tide

minke whale

Lots of razorbills around!

minke whale

Thank You to everyone who joined us today!!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊