Good evening everyone, here is another update from Jolinne!

“This morning we took Western Passage into the Islands, to see the Old Sow and try to give some time for the fog to potentially lift a little to give us some visibility to search. While searching, we found feeding harbour porpoises and a bald eagle, however no minke whale. At that point we made the decision and moved over to Bliss Island. There we did find a familiar fin whales who was actively feeding. Its dive times were short and the whale wasn’t traveling very far from the boat.

The afternoon departure, we went straight to Bliss Island where the fin whale was still feeding. Within no time, there was a lot of boat traffic around this whale and we left it to see if we could show the passengers a minke whale. We spotted a few minke whales around East Quoddy Head Light, we started to follow Slice (minke whale) when a 2nd one surfaced near the boat and we stayed with that whale. From there we made our way towards the reef our seals tend to enjoy and there was now two fin whales traveling side by side in the area. We spent some time with them before stopping with the seals and continuing home.”

The Old Sow

Blow of a fin whale

Finback whale

Fin whale beginning to exhale

Slice, a minke whale

Fin whale

minke whale

Fin whale

Finback whale

Thank you to everyone who joined us on these trips!  And thanks again to Jolinne for the updates and pictures,



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊