Good evening everyone, another update shared by Jolinne for July 8, 2017, and it was another FINtastic day!

“This morning’s departure we were going to start searching at Bliss Island Light, however the fog was to thick, so we made our way down to Head Harbour Passage. We found a minke whale, had some great looks at this individual, as it would raise it’s rostrum out of the water when it surfaced. We spotted a few puffins and harbour porpoises near East Quoddy Light before returning to Bliss Island, as the fog had lifted at that point. We quickly found a fin whale, the same one from a few days ago and had some great looks before the fog shut back in.
The afternoon departure took some time before we found not one, but TWO fin whales off East Quoddy Light! The 2nd fin whale is an individual we have seen feeding in the area for the past few years and we’re excited to see it has returned.”

Finback whale

Fin whale off Bliss

Finback whale off Bliss

Atlantic puffins, always a favourite!

Seals on Black Ledge

Watching a minke from the Quoddy Link


Thank You to everyone who joined us and THANK YOU to Jolinne for sharing all of the sightings and the pics!Cheers,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊