Hi there everyone, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine.  So sorry for not keeping you more updated here on the start of our 2017 season but please feel free to visit our Facebook page for daily updates and pics from our trips!

It has been a good, somewhat foggy start to the season.  We are seeing a few minke whales, there are a number of individuals in the area but they have not set up any specific feeding patterns yet and can be quite difficult to find on some days.

Minke whale – notice the “minke mittens”, the white bands on the pectoral flippers

minke whale


There are lots of harbour and grey seals in the area and we are seeing harbour porpoise on almost every trip.

harbour and grey seals

male and female grey seal – notice the size difference, the difference in the coat colour as well as the shape of the head

resting harbour seal

There are lots of nesting black-legged kittiwakes on Whitehorse Island again this season and bald eagles are always a highlight for many of our guests.

Nesting black-legged kittiwakes on Whitehorse Island

Feeding bald eagle – everyone has to eat!

Razorbills on Whitehorse Island

Adult Bald eagles

I will do my best to keep you updated here a few days a week but again, please visit our Facebook page for daily updates and lots of great whale news and information.

We are currently running 2 trips a day, 10am and 1:30pm.  Please call the office at 1-877-688-2600 or 529-2600 for information and reservations or email Lisa at info@quoddylinkmarine.com

Thank You and Cheers,


East Quoddy Head Light at the northern tip of Campobello Island


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊