Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here!!  Again, sorry for not keeping this page more updated but as always please visit out Facebook page for daily updates!

This season has continued to be incredible, with whales sighted on each departure.  In the past 2 weeks we have been seeing finbacks and minkes on almost every departure and some departures with humpbacks and we are still seeing a few north Atlantic right whales but it seems like the copepod concentrations have diminished because when we see rights they are doing very long dives (15-39 minutes) and making big moves (more than 1 mile) making them impossible to safely watch.

Here is a fin whale video from September 25

On September 30th we had an emotional encounter with a young humpback.  The yearling was trapped in a herring weir for three days and that morning, after the fisherman lowered the top twine and whale rescue was able to lead the whale out, he spent over an hour breaching and flipper slapping.  I do my best not to put human emotions on wildlife but I don’t know what to say….this young whale just seemed to be celebrating, he seemed so happy to be free.

We have trips scheduled until the 26th of October but the times do vary so please call the office at 1-877-688-2600 for information and reservations!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊