Good morning everyone, we continue to spend time on every departure with the mother and calf fin whale pair that has been hanging out and feeding off South Wolf (there has also been up to 6 other adults in the same area feeding depending on the tide).

Here are some photos of the recent finback sightings including lots of the calf we have fallen completely in love with!!

Fin whale calf

Fin whale calf 

Fin whale calf, you can see the start of the chevron on the left

This fin whale calf often raises the front of his rostrum out of the water

Check out the blowholes!

Beautiful fin whale calf 

Beautiful fin whale calf 

Fin whale mother and calf.  Note the chevron on the left hand side of the the calf, a very unique marking 

Barrel roll from calf 

Mother and calf and another adult (blow)

Partial breach from the calf 

partial breach from the calf, check out the tiny pectoral flipper 

Another barrel roll, they have such beautiful flukes 

Partial breach from the calf 

Also, hopefully very soon I will have some underwater footage of this “little” whale to share with all of you!  THANK YOU NICK!!

As well as our whale sightings we continue to see lots of porpoise as well as both harbour and grey seals and bald eagles around the Islands.

Thanks so much for checking in and I will share that underwater video as soon as I can!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊