Good evening everyone, the first week in September has been wonderful with consistent fin whale and minke sightings on every departure.  We also had our Annual North Atlantic right whale trip on Sunday, September 7th but I will cover that in a separate post.

I wanted to share some photos with from the past week….

Lets start with finners…

Fin whale with fluke prints, Sept 3
Sept 3

Lunging fin whale with harbour porpoise, Sept 3

Sept 5

Sept 7

Fin whale calf, spending some time away from mom, Sept 7

Fin whale calf, Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 7

Sept 9

Sept 7

Check out the unique marking on the peduncle  Sept 9

Check out the lower white, right jaw, Sept 9

Check out the asymmetrical lower jaw,Sept 9

Lots of minke whale sightings as well

Minke whale off St. Andrews, Sept 2

Minke whale with mittens visible, Sept 4

Sept 4

Minke whale with mittens visible through the water, Sept 5

We are also seeing lots of harbour porpoise and seals as well as bald eagles on our departures.

Thanks for checking in,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊