Good afternoon everyone, I thought I would do a little post to tell you about our last 2 weeks on the water.  I am sorry that my posts have not been as frequent this season, I am finding that I get a lot more response from facebook, so I do post all of our daily updates there.

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen an increase in feed and whale activity in our area which is great!  We have had many trips with up to 7 large finbacks whales feeding aggressively off Bliss and Blacks, especially on the flood tide.  We continue to search the further offshore area to look for humpbacks and I will be sure to share any sightings we may have.

Here are some photos of the finbacks from the past 2 weeks.

There is always lots of other wildlife to keep your eyes open for and we always try and make some time to spend with porpoise and seals.

On the 22nd of August we hand another incredible encounter with a Mola mola

We saw a beautiful basking shark on the 24th of August

Thanks for checking in and don’t forget to check out and like out facebook page for daily updates on our sightings.


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊