Good evening everyone, I just wanted to do a quick post and share a few photos from the past couple of days….

Yesterday we were so excited…we found a mother and calf fin whale pair off South Wolf and it turned out to be a different pair from the one we saw a few weeks ago!

Here are some photos, the calf has some beautiful markings!

Fin whale calf 

Fin whale calf 

Fin whale mom

We were also amazed to see a breaching basking shark on our way out to the Wolves.  The shark actually breached three times and I managed to get a photo…check out the dorsal fin!

Today we saw a finback whale all the way in Passamaquoddy Bay, all the way up to Misjic Bluff!  I have never seen a finner so deep in Passamaquoddy before in my 13 years with Quoddy.

This afternoon we saw a minke whale breaching…and of course it was Gonzo, the same whale that is seen breaching in the area multiple times every season.

The bald eagle and seal sightings have been great on every trip.  Always lots to see if you are willing to watch the water.

harbour seals 

Grey seals….how happy does the large male in the middle look?

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊