Hello everyone, I had mentioned a little while ago that we had some exciting news about the white shark we sighted a few weeks ago from the Quoddy Link….well, here is Nick to tell you all about it.

Very excited to announce that the GREAT WHITE SHARK we
sighted and photographed recently is now officially named “Quoddy” in
the database put together by researchers with the Atlantic White Shark
Conservancy and Massachusetts Marine Fisheries. 

These researchers have tagged over 39 white sharks in the
North Atlantic, some of which are known to return to the Bay of Fundy each
summer. The shark we saw is not known to them, and can be identified by the
distinct scarring on the left hand gill slits.

The attached photo shows a tagged white shark named Scarface
who is one of several that return to Canadian waters. The data they are
gathering is helping to decipher the patterns, preferences and behaviors of
Atlantic white sharks. With some luck, they may be able to tag
“Quoddy” the white shark and track his/her movements around the North

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊