Hello everyone, this is Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine, we have had some beautiful days on the water recently with calm seas, clear skies and unlimited visibility.  We have been spending time with minke whales in the Islands (still no sign of larger whales within our reach but we are hoping the feed in the area will pick up and attract some finners and even humpbacks to our offshore areas)

This is a minke we have seen the past 2 days, note the very unique dorsal fin (the dorsal will differ from whale to whale and can be used for individual ID)

There have been some great bird sightings, and always remember, the more you watch the water and shoreline the more you will see….some birds will fly by very quickly

Black legged kittiwake nesting pair

Black guillemot with a fish

Double crested cormorants 

Seals are always one of the favortie parts of the trip!

Harbour and grey seals 

Harbour seal (back), male (middle) and female (front) grey seal

Thanks for checking in everyone,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊