Good evening everyone,

We had another 2 great trips out there on the Bay of Fundy.  It was great to get out there this morning on an ebb tide and find out where the fin whales were.  Whale can move around a lot and depending on the tide they can be found in very different areas (or sometimes not at all).  We have been spending time with fin whales over the past few days on a strong flood tide but this morning we were mid-ebb and we found 4 finbacks just inside the Horse.  They didn’t seem to be feeding but just travelling around in the area.

Here is a video from a close encounter this morning

We also got to watch a herring weir be seined, or harvested.  Weirs are an inshore fishery for herring (in our part of Bay).  To learn more about weirs click HERE

This afternoon we had some fog to deal with but we lucked out…and found a fin whale in a small clear pocket and what a pleasure this fin whale was to watch.  Short dives and not travelling far at all.  We got some wonderful looks at this familiar whale.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today,