We had another great day out on the Bay of Fundy today!

Out 10am trip we started with 2 fin whales off Bliss. we got some nice looks but they were not that easy to watch.  We decided to take a run offshore and we saw porpoise and seabirds, including some puffins but no whales so we made our way back to the mouth of Head Harbour Passage and spent some time with a minke whale and some groups of harbour porpoise before heading home.

This afternoon we started with a familiar minke whale, Breadknife just inside the Horse and then we saw a finback who we spent some time with and got some great looks, including a great look at the tail because the fin whale did fluke up which is very rare (of course I was not expecting it to happen so no photo).  Then we took a little swing out towards Campobello and found a basking shark, our first sighting of the season!  We got some great looks as the shark was right beside us….amazing!

Our evening trip we started with 2 fin whales just off Barnes then we moved up the Passage and found 4 minkes just behind Popes.

What a great day on the water,