Hello all, what a great day we had!

This morning we spent time just off Bliss Island with 2 feeding fin whales.  It took some patience, there was some boat traffic but we got some great looks  in the end.

If you look closely you can see the whale’s mouth is open and the ventral pleats are extended

We also stopped at Whitehorse Island this morning and it was just buzzing with activity.  The chicks are getting SO big.

Great black back gull young of year

Check out the kittiwake gull chicks

Herring gull young of the year

This afternoon we got a call from our friends on Grand Manan, Captain Sarah with Whales-n-Sails that there were 2 humpbacks off Long Eddy Light….about 20 miles from St. Andrews and within reach on our trip….so….off we went!!  I am still waiting on ID on one of these whales (humpbacks are IDed based on the pigmentatation on the under side of their flukes).  THANK YOU Captain Sarah.

Hat Trick (front) and travelling companion 

Hat Trick fluking 

Hat Trick 

Hat Trick 

Waiting for ID on this whale

I was not on the boat for this evenings trip but I heard they had a fin whale LUNGE FEEDING!!  Amazing sight to see.

Thanks so much for checking in today,


Young bald eagle 

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊