Good evening everyone.  We had another great day on the water, even with the fog we encountered this afternoon.  We spent time on both trips today with the same finback whale we found yesterday.  We also watched a minke whale in the morning and three minkes in the afternoon.  We were even lucky enough to have the curiosity returned when one of the minkes came over to check us out, circling the boat very close many times.  He was close enough we could easily see the white bands on the pecs, his minke mittens, through the surface of the water.


minke whale

You can see the small nick out of the top of the dorsal fin, that lets us know it was the same whale we had yesterday

minke whale 

Here is a very short video that I took today, sorry it’s so quick but I took time just to watch him 🙂

Thanks for checking in today,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊