Hello everyone, what a great day to be on the water, MUCH cooler out there than it is on land the past few days!

Today we had 2 trips and we had great sightings of 2 different minke whales on each departure.  Here are photos of all 4 minke whales we saw today.


This minke whale quite small, no older than a few years 

We of course stopped with seals on both trips and I took lots of photos this afternoon that I wanted to share…we even saw a very young grey seal, most likely a pup of the year…I am in love.

2 female greys and a large male grey

Male grey seal in front and harbour behind

harbour seals

Young grey seal

Young grey seal in the front, harbours in the back 

We also stopped on Whitehorse Island to check out the nesting seabirds.  Nick, who maintains our bird blog has done a post…check it out HERE.

Thanks so much for checking in today,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊