Hello everyone, we have been confined to shore a lot in the past week due to the typical high fall winds but we did manage to get out on Saturday morning and all day today.

One Saturday we found a large finback off Blacks Harbour and we stopped with seals on Splitting Knife on our way back to St. Andrews.

Today we had 2 trips, this morning we found a finback off Bliss in some rough weather.  We did manage to get some good looks but we made our way to calmer waters were we found a younger minke whale.  This afternoon the wind was stronger and against a strong ebb tide we stayed in the shelter of the Islands where we found 2 minke whales feeding off Casco Bay.  So many birds this afternoon as well feeding in Head Harbour Passage.  We also saw quite a few grey seals on Black Rock.

Thanks for checking in,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊