Good evening everyone….I want to share with you our trips from the past 2 days…

Yesterday, September 7th, we spent both trips with 2 finbacks between Bliss and Blacks…we did have some fog to deal with in the afternoon but we still got some great looks at the fins.

Here are some photos from yesterday.

This morning we had lots of fog to deal with but with a SW wind increasing there were some holes in the Islands and we found 3 minke whales (including Slice) and so many birds!!

Our afternoon started off Head Harbour with a minke and then Nick spotted what he thought was a shark but then the “shark” breached 3 times out of the water and it was no “shark”, turned out to be a Mola mola!  We got some great looks at the ocean sunfish (wait until you see Nick’s underwater video) and then John took us towards Bliss to see if we could find some finbacks.  The conditions were rough but doable and we found 3 finbacks and managed to get some great looks.

Thanks for checking in today and I will post the Mola video as soon as I can 🙂