Good evening everyone.  We are still covered in fog in our part of the Bay of Fundy but we did see whales on all 3 of our departures today.  On our morning trip (with the help of John on our Scout Boat) with did spend time with finbacks in some thick fog.  On our afternoon departure we very briefly saw a finback whale but the fog was too thick to stay with it so we made out way into the Islands where it was clear (mostly) and warm (relatively) and we spent time with a lunge feeding minke whale and a feeding frenzy involving mostly gulls.  And on our evening departure we saw Slice off Race Rock.

The seabirds continue to be wonderful and today we saw many shearwaters (greater, sooty and manx), puffins, razorbills, terns, northern gannets and Bonaparte gulls.  And of course we saw seals on all 3 trips as well.

Thanks so much for cheking in today, here are some photos from today’s trips

Ada C Lore out of Eastport, ME

Minke whale and some lucky kayakers



Feeding frenzy

Head Harbour Light



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊